Arcadia Management Area

Arcadia Management Area

Arcadia Management Area is the largest open space with mountian bike access in the state. It boasts over 14,000 acres of forest with untold amounts of mountain bike trails. Truly untold, with one wrong turn you’re off on a three hour ramble on old unmarked dirtbike trails. Arcadia is not a place for the novice to explore alone.
With that said, it is an awesome place to ride. Breakheart Pond has a medium loop suitable for novice riders and Breakheart Trail has been a mecca of local riders for years.
There is public hunting in Arcadia and 200 square inches of blaze orange is required for riding during hunting seasons. Another way to alert hunters is to tie a sleighbell on your seat rails – it’s kind of festive once you get used to the constant noise.
Because of the size we advocate the avid use of maps when you’re getting to know the area. While they are no replacement for personal knowledge of the trails they will help you get to know the area a little better. Of course, we make no claims to their accuracy or reliablility – use at your own risk.
Arcadia north of 165:

Arcadia south of 165:

ALL USERS OF MANAGEMENT AREAS MUST WEAR FLUORESCENT ORANGE DURING TURKEY HUNTING SEASON A special turkey hunting season for youths and paraplegics will be held on April 23 and April 24, and the regular turkey hunting season takes place from April 28 through May 26.
Directions: 95 to exit 5b. Follow 102 south to the intersection with Rt. 3 and take a right. At the flashing yellow light take a right onto 165 west. Once you pass under the highway watch for the brown sign on the left pointing to Browing Mill pond – our usual event starting point. To ride the north side continue on 165 past the white church. The next right after the white church will bring you to a dirt parking lot.

Map for Spring 2010 Fun Ride
Arcadia Fun Ride 2010
Map for Spring 09 Fun Ride:
Map for Spring 08 Fun Ride:

For the BEST map of Arcadia, please visit Cliff also has maps of other local riding areas such as Pachaug, Burlingame, Big River, Carolina Mgt. Area, and a fantastically detailed guide of the North/South Trail. Visit and pick yourself up a map
the vice president for Arcadia for RI Nemba is Bart Angelo (