Big River

Big River is a large tract (8600 acres) of land governed by Water Resources Board and located mainly in West Greenwich near exit 6, 6a & 7 along interstate 95 (south side of the highway from Amgen). It was aquired to build a reservoir many years ago but the project was never really started. Currently the north side (not shown in the maps below) is being considered for a well field to add to the local water system. The south side of BR and Carr Pond area hold a laborinth of trails mostly made over decades by the motorcycles and interwoven with old farmer and logging roads.Around every Earth Day over the past several years (a weekend in April) a sizable group of NEMBAites and other environmental minded groups get together to help clean some of the rubbish out of Big River. 2008 turned out 100 volunteers filling 8 dumpsters with mostly historic trash from old homesteads deep in the woods, abondoned cars and tire dumps. Here’s a short film of our 2013 efforts (80 volunteers/3 hours/3 dumpsters)

2013 Big River Cleanup from Peter Gengler on Vimeo.

Open Street Maps has most if not all of Big River mapped and labeled.

Exit 7 Park & Ride
Hopkins Hill Lot
Burnt Sawmill Road