September 2015

Minutes from RI NEMBA meeting held on September 1, 2015, 7 PM at Doherty's.

Area riding reports

  • Big River: good conditions, some trails could use a haircut/trim.
  • Arcadia: excellent in most areas, most of the blowdowns have been cleared. A new bridge just opened across the Wood River near the hunter's check-in area, bridge funds acquired by AMC, kudos to them.
  • Lincoln Woods: good riding, the chapter's brushcutter might be utitilized to trim some trails. Wednesday weekly rides were well attended this summer.
  • Burlingame: still areas still rough and need cleaning. Western section has blowdowns that need removal.
  • Diamond Hill: has a new trail recently completed.
  • Weetomoe Woods: good riding conditions.


  • Recognition: At the 09/09/15 West Greenwich Town Council meeting there will be recognition of RI NEMBA along with some other groups for their participation in this year's Big River earth day cleanup. Anyone interested can attend the meeting to be held at WG town hall at 7:00 PM.
  • Arcadia Fun Ride: Will take place on Sunday Sept, 20th and help for this event is requested. There is a need is for people to put up arrows the night before and take them down after 2:00 pm the day of the event. Contact chapter President John or post on our Facebook page.
  • Trail Maintenance Day: The chapter will be hosting a monthly trail maintenance day starting on October 17th . We are asking members to provide input on which trails need the most work so the efforts can be prioritized. This will be a monthly event where the location is chosen based upon input from the members. Please send messages to the RI NEMBA Facebook page with suggestions.
  • Big River Signage Project: Coordinator Pete G said that meetings will be held again in the near future.
  • Riverpoint Cyclocross park: The chapter made a contribution of $800 to Riverpoint Cyclocross park. The CX folks appreciated the donation, as it will help them with recovering from the windstorm that caused significant damage to the park on August 4th.
  • MTB Racing Team at Met High School: Tom Bacon, the principal at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence spoke before the board. He started up a MTB racing team at the Met High School. He asked if our chapter would set up a tent at the Providence CX festival scheduled for Oct. 3-5. Also would we consider collaborating with him on some future bike related projects he is involved with - Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day 10/03/15, Trips for Kids etc., youth skills clinics
  • IT/Web: Team leader Matt M advise that the website (we now own the domain name) should be up and running within 3 months.
  • Other business: Jim H asked if the gate proposed for the entrance to Big River opposite Beattie Field on Division Rd. was going to be installed by DEM. Not known at this time.
  • Holiday Party: There was some discussion about our annual Christmas/Holiday party. Last year it was held at Doherty's, we will inquire about this event with Doherty's again but we also are interested in looking at other venues.

Membership: Current membership total is 219, up about 15 members since our last report.

Our next meeting will held on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 7:00 PM at Doherty's. Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.