Weetamoe Woods

Weetamoe Woods
I wanted to post some introductory information on Weetamoo Woods (WW) in Tiverton for riders that haven’t been there. It’s a beautiful 620 acre space bordered by the 220 acre Pardon Grey Preserve, both of which are managed by the town. Currently, there is no hunting.
I’ve ridden there about 15 times, and have found it to be a nice alternative.
Here is what I’ve found:
The trails are marked with subtle color-coded arrows on trees. Riders can easily go there without previous WW experience and find their way around. It’s not very big, but one could squeeze a 2-hour ride out of it by doing a loop both ways.
Most, if not all, entrances have the map posted. I often go with my dogs, and the Lafayette Road entrance (#8 on map) is at the end of a dead-end road into the woods, so it’s safe for the dogs. Dogs are allowed off leash under “positive control”. (If you park there, go in via the Ridge Trail if you want to start on single-track right away, although it is slightly less well marked than the colored trails.)
While I’ve occasionally come across other riders, more frequently I’ve come across walkers of all ages, sometimes with their dogs.
Terrain varies from fire road to single track, with several stream crossings (some with bridges) and rock gardens. There is not a lot of elevation change, but several rock gardens are on hills which increases the technical challenge.
It doesn’t handle its water well, so if you are going to try it out, avoid going after it rains.
If you’ve never been there, it’s worth a try, because while it’s small, it’s a very peaceful setting with its own unique charm.