Westerly Municipal Land Trust (WMLT) / Woody Hill Management Area

WMLT/Woody Hill Area Description:

This area may be small at only 723 acres, but what it lacks in size is more than made up for with ‘miles of smiles’. This area is a combination of land managed by DEM and land owned and managed by the WMLT. Looking at the DEM map, the DEM property is in the center and the WMLT is on all sides. It is an odd setup, but works well. All the land is designated as ‘multiple use’, which means the land is available to hunters, fishermen, hikers, equestrians, bird watchers (there is a pond co-managed by Ducks Unlimited) and mountain bikers. ATV and other motorized vehicles, including e-bikes, are not allowed.

Mountain Biking In WMLT/Woody Hill:
Trails have always existed in this area, but were mostly existing gravel and cart roads, and minimal singletrack. This all changed in April, 2017 when the WMLT approached RINEMBA to open new trails on their land and was given permission to ‘build what you want.’ Since that time and the date of this description (11/2017), approximately 8 miles of new singletrack has been opened, with more on the drawing board. The goal is to have a total of 20-25 miles of trails (including the existing network) when the work is complete. This will give local riders a great addition to Burlingame and Bluff Point, and give riders from other parts of the New England a new area to discover.
Given the fact that this land is less than 2 miles from the ocean, you would be surprised at the amount of hills and ridgelines. The new trails are a combination of very technical trails with punch climbs, rollers, ridgelines and hucks for the experienced riders, but also has super fun flow trails for those that just like to ride.
What is most notably different than other riding areas, is that all the trails within the WMLTare marked with names and difficulty ratings. RINEMBA is making this a highlight of this project to ensure a safe, fun riding experience for everyone.
To enhance the riding experience even further, on the western side of Woody Hill is additional singletrack at the Wahaneeta Preserve, which was once a Girls Scout retreat. This area has 4.5 miles of well-marked trails.
Land Manager Information:
Woody Hill is managed by DEM and can be contacted at 401-222-4700.
WMLT can be contacted at info@westerlymunicipallandtrust.org
Open Street Maps has the majority of trails of Woody Hill/WMLT. This is the Base Map for most of the cell phone GPS applications. The property is completely land locked, so getting lost would be difficult.

Parking Area and Directions:
Use 9 Fallon Trail, Westerly, RI as a GPS address. Go past this address for about 100’ and there will be an entrance on the right side with a gravel road to the parking area. To access the WMLT trails, ride through the gate, take the first right and follow that cart road all the way to the end, which will be at grassy area at a pond. Ride on the grass and that will become singletrack within the WMLT. The first trail sign you will see is ‘Main Street’, which is the main thoroughfare.