Hunting Season

Per the 2015-2016 hunting regulations for the state:

"All users of State Management Areas and undeveloped State Parks are required to
wear solid daylight fluorescent orange during appropriate seasons."

Archery: September 15 to January 31 - 200 square inches of fluorescent orange
Muzzleloader: November 7 to November 29 - 200 square inches of fluorescent orange
Shotgun: December 5 to December 20 and December 26 to January 3, - 500 square inches of fluorescent orange

See below for full regulations:

10.6 Fluorescent Orange Requirement: Fluorescent orange safety clothing is required
during the hunting season statewide for all hunters. To meet this requirement,
safety clothing must be solid daylight fluorescent orange. Fluorescent
camouflage does not meet this requirement. The hunter orange must be worn
above the waist and be visible in all directions. Examples that meet the orange
requirements are a hat that covers 200 square inches or combination of hat and
vest covering 500 square inches. The following orange requirements apply:
10.6.1 Two hundred (200) square inches by small game hunters during the small
game season.
10.6.2 Two hundred (200) square inches by fall turkey hunters while traveling.
10.6.3 Two hundred (200) square inches by muzzleloader deer hunters during
muzzleloading deer season.
10.6.4 Two hundred (200) square inches by archers when traveling to/from
stands during muzzleloading deer season.
10.6.5 Five hundred (500) square inches by all hunters and other users (including
archers) during shotgun deer seasons.
Hunting Regulations for the 2015 - 2016 Season 41 of 43
10.6.6 Those hunters using Pop-up blinds during the firearms deer season must
display 200 square inches of fluorescent orange visible on the outside of
the blind from all directions. Hunters must also wear orange in
accordance with the rules for the specific seasons while in the blind.
10.6.7 Exempt from fluorescent orange requirements are:
- Waterfowl hunters hunting from a boat or blind, over water or field,
when done in conjunction with decoys.
- Archery deer hunters (except during muzzleloader and shotgun deer
- Hunters crow hunting over decoys.
- Spring turkey hunters and
- First segment dove hunters.
- Archery deer hunters in areas limited to Archery only by regulation.
10.6.8 All other users of State Management areas and designated undeveloped
State Parks, including but not limited to: hikers, bikers, and horseback
riders, are required to wear two hundred (200) square inches of solid
daylight fluorescent orange from the second Saturday in September to the
last day of February, and the third Saturday in April to the last day in May,